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The Buttcracker: A Nutcracker Burlesque©

Premiered 2016
Returns December 2019!

Photo by Karmen Elaine

The Buttcracker: A Nutcracker Burlesque© premiered in 2016 at Uptown Underground, Chicago, under the direction and choreography of Foxie La Fleur, and in collaboration with The Cuckoo's Theatre Project. Now in its fourth year, The Buttcracker: A Nutcracker Burlesque© is independently produced by (sub)version productions and welcomes new and returning performers, choreographers, and technicians. The 2018 production saw an entirely trans, gender-non-conforming, and female production team, with a diverse cast of performers presenting a new take on an old classic. The production not only provides an entertaining alternative for holiday audiences, but uses parody and humor to celebrate sex-positivity and diverse bodies. 

For The Buttcracker: A Nutcracker Burlesque©'s website, click here


The Chicago Puntathlon

Chicago’s first ever five-event pun competition!

The Chicago Puntathlon is the first ever five-event pun competition to hit Chicago’s comedy scene. It premiered on June 1st, 2019 hosted by The Ricky Harris of Places! Live!, and featured a celebrity panel of judges including Sonal Aggarwal, Plucky Rosenthal, and Billie Bullock, with performances by Comedy Dance Chicago, Aunt Nance, The Amazing Tomas, and Mo Less. Audience members rushed the stage to compete in five different pun games from That’s So Meme to Once U-PUN a Time to 185! At the end of the gameshow, one audience member was punny enough to win $100, the illustrious Golden Remote, and be crowned Dad of the Year!

The Next Puntathlon will be October 14th at 8pm at The Call Bar. Tickets available at

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Queero : MonoMyth

Conceived by Jaq Seifert
with Erin Pleake, 3D projectionist
and Sy Salinas, Animator

First Wave, November 16th at 8pm, and November 17th at 3pm, 2018 at Voice of the City

Photo of Jaq, age 8


Queero: Monomyth is an investigation of the connections between fighting and queerness using the Hero’s Journey as a scaffold for storytelling, incorporating theatrical violence, projection mapping, text, and movement to physicalize, reenact, and travel through the oppression of queer folk, combatting systems of oppression and leading to acceptance and triumph. Begun as a spoken performance piece entitled "Pants" as a part of Nothing Without a Company and The Living Canvas' production of [trans]Formation (2017), Queer0 has seen two additional iterations at Salonathon.  

This project was partially supported by an Individual Artists Program Grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events, as well as a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency, a state agency through federal funds provided by the National Endowment for the Arts.


SWITCH: Chicago Queer Partner Dance Night

First monthly event October 2017

Conceived in 2017 in conjunction with Abu Ansari and Dawn Marie Galtieri of Voice of the City in Logan Square, SWITCH: Chicago was created to be a home for partner dance exploration, where members of the LGBTQIA community could learn how to partner dance in an environment free from the heterosexism normalized in “traditional” partner dancing. By using the term “Queer Partner Dance”, we reject the bias of binary genderism identity in the socialization of Leaders and Followers. Men don’t always have to lead, Women don’t always have to follow. Building on this, Queer Partner Dance also expands the table of partner dancing to allow room for all people, especially those beyond the binary, to learn how to partner dance, reimagining, and to an extent re-establishing dance as a celebration of connection, spirit, and community. 

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