Want to be a part of Queero : Monomyth?

As part of the production, I am requesting origin stories from other queer, trans, and gender-non-binary individuals. Please submit a five minute or less audio recording or a one page narrative of your Hero origin story. Be sure to include important moments in your life, which may include self realizations, coming outs, anecdotes from friends and family, struggles, trials, and oppressions faced.

In your story, please make sure to include the following: First Name, age at the time of submission, age when you came out/transitioned, where you were then, where you are now, and where you want to go. 

Audio recordings and narratives may be used as material for the final production. By submitting, you agree to allow your submission to be used for artistic purposes. At no times will last names be used. Those stories ending up in the production will receive credit in the style the author desires. 

Please click here and you will be directed to a google form for submission